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New Music/ Computer

Got a majority of my “new’ computer last night.  Just need some Rams and some DVD drives.

Anyways, the main point of this post is to show off some of my music.  I wrote them using a midi writer, Anvil studio, and converted them to .wav and then i converted them to .mp3.  I’ll me sure to post more as soon as I get around it it.  Hopefully I’ll find a method with less steps also.   lol.

Rest and Digest
The Skeleton
Sewer Rat


Fallen Tree

A large branch fell off of one of our trees.  The branch itself is larger than most of the other trees in the yard.  The pear tree took a large hit from the branch but it’s still alive.  I took some pictures of the wreckage.  You can actually grab handfuls of mulch from the inside of the tree.  It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the tree falls.

Fallen Tree 1Fallen Tree 2Fallen Tree 3Fallen Tree 4


I decided to turn some of my pictures into Jigsaw puzzles!  Aren’t you so lucky. /smile
Flamingos (108 Pieces)   White Zebra (63 Pieces)   Grizzly Bear (9 pieces)


Vacation Update

I went to Ohio for a few days recently.  It’s surprisingly similar to Michigan, except they have less great lakes and the roads are in better shape.

I ended up spending one day at the Cleveland zoo.  I took some pictures but not as many as I hoped because some animals were a bit camera shy.  You know those signs that zoos have in their garden areas saying what kind of plant it is?  Well, I saw the rarest plant there.  I’ve never seen such a thing before.  I was so shocked I forgot to take a picture of it.  Sticking out of the ground behind a protective fence was the rare “Tall Grass” and the sign that distinguished it.  To think I could have been looking at some rare lily or exotic bush but, instead, I got the rare treat of a glimpse of Tall Grass.

FlamingosSleeping FlamingoGrizzly BearKoalaRhinocerosGharial SkullBrother and Monkey

The next Day I went to Cedar Point, which at this point should be handed over to Michigan, considering the majority of people there are from Michigan.  I saw more U of M prizes than Ohio state prizes at the games.  Anyways, an interesting story.  Andrew and I decided to ride in the front seats of the Millennium Force, my favorite coaster.  It was the last ride of the evening and it was getting dark.  While on the ride, we felt thousands of little things hitting us all over.  Turns out it’s a bad idea to ride in the front at night, for when we got off the ride, we were splattered with mosquitoes.  We were the windshield to the Millennium Force!  All the bugs died on impact with our bodies lol.Albino Zebra

The last day we went to a mini zoo/drive-through safari thing.  It was hilarious driving through the safari part.  There were Elk, deer, bison, ad longhorn bulls slobbering all over the van.  I took a picture of the white zebra.  There are only two in the US and they had both of them!  some how, it seems less impressive than a normal zebra…

Sorry for the long post; I will try to keep it shorter for now on!

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You are looking at the first ever post on Stop Codon.  Having some problems picking out an appropriate appearance but I hope to have everything set up the way that I want soon-ish.  So, even though the Blog is not finished, I still felt like posting something.

I found this picture a while back using this thing called the in-ter-net.  I think it is funny.  I forget where I got it from, though.

Periodic Table

Periodic Table

Lol croutons.

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